• Breakfast

    • Bacon and Eggs

      Bacon and Eggs


      Nothing like the classics! Bacon with your choice of friend, scrambled or poached egg, with toast and tomato.

    • Bacon and Mushroom Stack

      Bacon and Mushroom Stack


      A towering stack of bacon, creamy mushrooms on a bed of toasted ciabatta.

    • Eggs Benedict

      Eggs Benedict


      Served on toasted muffins, wilted spinach and Hollandaise.

    • Omelette and Toast

      Omelette and Toast


      Ham, cheese and tomato - a lighter choice to start your day.

    • Sausage, Eggs and Chips

      Sausage, Eggs and Chips


      Good old traditional breakfast!

    • The Huapai Big Breakfast

      The Huapai Big Breakfast


      Bacon, eggs, toast, tomato, sausage, hash browns, baked beans and mushrooms. A great way to start the day!