Main meals

    • Main meals

    • Bangers and Mash

      Bangers and Mash


      Another favourite! Bangers and mash with bacon, onion rings, peas and gravy

    • Fish of the Day

      Fish of the Day


      Lightly battered or pan fried with salad and fries.

    • Prawn and Chicken Curry

      Prawn and Chicken Curry


      A beautiful prawn and chicken curry with rice and veg.

    • Salt and Pepper Squid

      Salt and Pepper Squid


      Salt and pepper squid with fries, salad and aioli.

    • Scotch Fillet

      Scotch Fillet


      Scotch fillet cooked to your liking with fries or mash and salad with a choice of mushroom, bernaise or garlic butter sauce.

    • Smoked Chicken Fettucine

      Smoked Chicken Fettucine


      Fettucine with bacon, mushrooms, smoked chicken and fresh parmesan.

    • Smoked Chicken Salad

      Smoked Chicken Salad


      A lean choice, perfect for those sunny afternoons!

    • Surf n' Turf

      Surf n' Turf


      Not sure if you want steak or seafood? Have both! Surf n' turf with fries or mash, with salad and topped with creamy garlic prawns.

    • Sweet Corn Fritters

      Sweet Corn Fritters


      Sweet corn fritters with bacon and salad with a side of sour cream.